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H O L I N E S S T O D A Y. O R G 1 S E P T E M B E R/O C TO B E R 2018 H O L I N E S S TO DAY.O R G 6 SUSANNA AND WOMEN OF CHURCH HISTORY 10 SUSANNA WESLEY'S PURITAN ROOTS 14 SUSANNA WESLEY'S METHOD OF MOTHERHOOD 18 SUSANNA WESLEY AT 350: HER LIFE AND WRITINGS 24 FOR THE GLORY OF GOD: SUSANNA WESLEY'S IMPACT ON THE WESLEYAN MOVEMENT 28 LEGACY OF GRACE: I AM A DAUGHTER OF SUSANNA WESLEY 32 I AM A SON OF SUSANNA WESLEY 36 REAPING SUSANNA'S LEGACY: HOLINESS AND PENTECOSTAL MOVEMENTS COLUMNS 4 Missions Spotlight - Promises and Possibilities 5 Devoted Life, Lasting Legacy IFC COMPASS: His Spirit Poured Out 2 EDITORIAL: More Than You Think 4 MISSIONS SPOTLIGHT: Promises and Possibilities 41 10 QUESTIONS: Nell Becker Sweeden 43 FAST FACTS: Global Reach of the Wesleyan Message 44 VANTAGE POINT: Saturation of the Heart Connecting readers with the message and mission of holiness. FEATURES Susanna Wesley, in a letter to her son, Samuel, May 7, 1707 "May that Innite Being, whose we are, and whom I hope we endeavour to serve and love, accept and bless us." Eliza Clark, Susanna Wesley (London: W.H. Allen, 1886), 66.

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